Our History


Spring Up Farm was started in 2016 by Kelly Huckestein and Sam Seulean.  Both Kelly and Sam had worked previously on other farms in Oregon and beyond.  They wanted to start their own farm business and chose the Astoria area because of its need for more local vegetable farms, as well as Kelly's family connections in the area.  Kelly and Sam both worked at the Astoria Co-op Grocery and Kelly was a board member of the North Coast Food Web in order to learn more about the local food system and community.  After a long search and a lucky break, a friend helped them with a private mortgage of property in Knappa (about 14 miles east of Astoria). 


Our Growing Practices

Spring Up Farm strives to be a sustainable, healthy, low environmental impact farm that serves our north coast community.  We only use natural sources of fertilization (compost, manures and naturally occurring additives) and use only OMRI (organically listed) pesticides and fungicides when we have exhausted all other options to fight against pest and disease outbreaks.  We believe healthy soil is needed for healthy plants and healthy, delicious food. 

Our chickens are rotated on pasture throughout the spring, summer and fall.  In winter they are given a larger, protected area with access to a large permanent piece of pasture.  We use lights in the protected shelter to help them see, but not to induce heavy winter egg production.  Their pasture diet of plants and insects is supplemented with organic layer pellets, oyster shell and grit, along with leftover vegetables and fruit from the farm.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our farm & growing practices.

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